Fine Art Calls and Competition

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 Judges / Curating Panel

Dr. Sherry Mayo
Artist/ Curator/ Educator

Dr. Sherry Mayo - Artist - Curator - Educator

Director, Center for the Digital Arts Westchester Community College, NY Dr. Mayo is a studio artist, writing critically about digital aesthetics and digital arts education. Mayo's artistic practice is rooted in abstract painting, drawing from both observation and imagination, and world building of other landscapes. These works take the form of paintings and drawings, digital video, and digital collage. Mayo continues to be interested in studio practice across media boundaries and the integration of both traditional and digital practices.

As an educator, Dr. Mayo is actively engaged is supporting curricula that integrates digital technologies into art education and enables traditional practices to coincide with post-production. Recent research projects include case study analysis of artists working at the computer interface producing hybrid artworks and creating a digital aesthetic shift. Future research interests include gaining a global perspective on new media arts production and cross-pollination in contemporary aesthetics. Teachers College of Columbia University Ed.D.C.T., Art Education

Dr. William Ralph
Artist/ Educator/ Mathematics Researcher

Dr. William Ralph Artist/ Educator/ Mathematics Researcher

Bill Ralph grew up in North Bay, Ontario, Canada and has always been interested in mathematics, music and art. He spent three years in Toronto studying piano and composition before switching to mathematics at the University of Waterloo where he obtained a Ph.D. in Algebraic Topology. Several years ago, he was commissioned to design a piece of multimedia software to teach calculus and "Journey Through Calculus". This software received the Ontario OPAS award for the development of educational technology at universities and has been shown at universities across the world. While he was studying the behavior of certain chaotic dynamical systems, Professor Ralph became interested in exploiting their complexity to create visual art. His research, using mathematics to both analyze and create art, has led to several invitations to speak about his work throughout North America. He is currently on the mathematics faculty of Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada where he enjoys teaching courses like mathematical modeling and the history of mathematics to excellent students.

Edward A. Burke
Artist/ Gallerist/ Curator/ Teacher

Edward A. Burke - Artist / Teacher / Gallerist

Creative Director, Studio 25N llc, NY. Ed is an accomplished professional artist in both fine art and commercial art with a broad range of experience conceptualization and developing online fine art venues for exhibiting and marketing art. He is the founder of Gallery 25N formerly located in Peekskill, NY and co-founder of Gallery 25N [G25N] online. His previous experience includes: Corporate Creative Director for the production and marketing of educational print and software, owner of iMedPro and Studio 25N llc developing educational software and online products for major publishers.
The current focus of his art is micro and macro views of environmental processes, including the ebb and flow of energy and our interaction and disruption of these systems.

1st Place, Painting
"Flowers, Plants & Gardens 2"
Artist: Camille Engel
2nd Place, Painting
"Flowers, Plants & Gardens 2"
Artist: Jody Florman
3rd Place, Painting
"Flowers, Plants & Gardens 2"
Artist: Kate Zimmer
4th Place, Painting
"Flowers, Plants & Gardens 2"
Artist: Laurie Hein
5th Place, Painting
"Flowers, Plants & Gardens 2"

Artist: Lucretia Torva
1st Place - Painting
"Flowers of Spring"
Artist: Deborah Bigeleisen
2nd Place - painting
"Flowers of Spring"
Artist: Alexandra Averbach
3rd Place - Fabric Collage
"Flowers of Spring"
Artist: Joy Saville
4th Place - Painting
"Flowers of Spring"
Artist: Susan Kennicott
5th Place - Photograpjy
"Flowers of Spring"
Artist: Elisabeth Ladwig