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How to be selected for a show at Gallery25N


You can enter your artwork in periodic art calls from Gallery 25N's curator will select artists from these competitions for a "solo" or "group" exhibition.

The general philosophy of the curators selection for a solo exhibit or a group exhibit are somewhat different. Below you will find the general criterion for the selection process:

  • The artwork submitted must fit the exhibit's theme/concept and create a visual communication that will engage the viewer.
  • Creative interpretation of the theme and originality of the artwork.
  • The over all quality and command of the medium being used.
  • The artistic, composition and design of the work.
  • The impact of the work on the viewer in relationship to the concept of the exhibit.
  • Does the art stand on its own as a complete and outstanding work of art.
  • For the solo exhibit only: There must be a body of work that lends itself to a solo exhibition within the theme/concept set by the curator.
  • Note: The quality of the images submitted will also play a role in the selection process. It is best if the images submitted are no smaller than 600dpi.


The major benefit that Gallery 25N (G25N) provides to artists is the promoting of their artwork and their exhibit to a worldwide audience. This audience has developed over the past twelve years and is composed of art buyers, collectors, architects, commercial developers, interior designers, curators and other galleries. G25N provides global exposure with direct marketing of artists' work and talents with the following strategies:

  1. The artist's work is exposed to thousands of visitors through G25N's virtual exhibits.
  2. A press release is sent out announcing each artist's exhibitions to the media through press release outlets and more than 100 event art website listings.
  3. Each artist's exhibit is retained on the gallery website in the Previous Exhibits Section for additional and ongoing exposure.
  4. Each artist exhibiting at G25N is promoted in the Artist Website Pro's Art Market Newsletter with a distribution of 10,000 recipients in the international art market.
  5. An extensive social networking marketing campaign is executed for each exhibit via Google Plus, LinkedIn, TalkArt, Delicious, Tweeter, Pinterest, etc. This campaign creates more traffic, exposure and back links to the artist's online exhibit and their personal website.
  6. Artists gain valuable art exposure by marketing their artwork and building their biography and resumes for gallery exhibits where other notable artists have exhibited.
  7. The copyright to all of the artwork shown on G25N is that of the respective artist and any of the artwork may not be reproduced in any fashion without the written consent of the artist.
  8. rtists are able to not only gain art gallery experience, but are also able to add to and to develop their bios and art resumes. This will assist the artist in selling their artwork and developing a successful art career.

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There are no sales commissions by G25N/Gallery25N.
All sales transactions are handled directly between the artist and the buyer. All sale
inquiries to the online gallery will be directed to the artist.

1st Place
"Mind, Spirit & Emotion"
Artist: Alex Cuchilla
2nd Place
"Mind, Spirit & Emotion"
Artist: Charlotta Janssen
3rd Place
"Mind, Spirit & Emotion"
Artist: Victoria Novak
1st Place
"Water" The Essence of Life
Artist: Hannah Ueno
2nd Place
"Water" The Essence of Life
Artist: Massimo Onnis
3rd Place
"Water" The Essence of Life
Artist: Rob Macintosh
4th Place
"Water" The Essence of Life
Artist: Tomek Biniek