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Open For Entries "Winter Imagination 2019"
Cash awards and art marketing prizes

Call For Entries for "Winter Imagination 2019 " 20 artist Group Exhibit at Gallery 25N

  • Submission Deadline: March 11, 2019 (12:00 Midnight EST)
  • Jury Selection: on or before March 19, 2019
  • Artist Notification: on or before March 21, 2019 is proud to announce the Art Call Winter Imagination 2019. There will be 5 Winners and 10 Honorable Mentions. This competition is open to all artists and photographers worldwide. The participant can submit any still art medium, including: painting, drawing, collage, photography, digital art, and fiber art.

Total Awards in Cash and Art Marketing Prize Value: $8,000.00.

Theme and Selection:

"Winter Imagination 2019" can be interpreted broadly and based on real or imagined circumstances. Perhaps the first fallen snow of the season inspires you to imagine a vivid red cardinal against the stark white snow-covered branches of an evergreen tree overlooking the beauty of a frozen-over pond with rolling hills as a backdrop. Or maybe a more ominous scene is visualized inspiring the artist to present a work of art that tells a dark and melancholy story without uttering a word. “Winter Imagination” is anything that inspires the artist to portray a winter theme and tell a story in his or her artwork through visual concepts.

The judges for this imaginative competition are looking for the artist’s expressive interpretation of "winter" in their artwork that effectively conveys their definition of the term and evokes a reaction in the viewer. All still art medium works are encouraged for submission.

Eligibility: This competition is open to all artists/photographers 18 years of age or older. Submissions for consideration can be expressed in any of the following aspects: representational, expressionism, surrealism, or abstraction.

Cash Awards and Prizes:

First Place: $1000.00 in Cash and the artist is presented as a “Featured Artist” in the “” that is marketed to over 32,000 art buyers = Value $1,500.00. The winner’s artwork will also be marketed in an email marketing campaign “Art Market NewsTM” and website with over 32,000 subscribers = Value $3,500.00. The artist and their work will be marketed through our social media-marketing network through LinkedIn, Tumblr, Tweeter, FaceBook, GooglePlus, Instagram, etc.

Total first place prize value = $6,000.00*

Second Place: $300.00 in Cash and the artist will be featured as a “Notable Artist” in the “” that is marketed to over 32,000 art buyers = Value $1,500.00.

Total second place prize value = $1,800.00*

Third Place: $125.00 in Cash*

Fourth Place: $50.00 in Cash*

Fifth Place: $25.00 in Cash*

*All winning artworks will be featured in “Winners Showcase” with links to their websites.

Up to 10 Honorable Mentions – The artists and their artwork will be displayed in the “Honorable Mentions” Section of

Submission Fee

Entry Fee: $20 for one entry and $10 for each additional image.
(No limit on the number of additional entries submitted.)

You will receive an email notification once your submission is complete.
We look forward to seeing your artwork!

All credit and debit cards are accepted through PayPal.

1st Place"Drawing"
Artist: Marcos Rey
2nd Place "Drawing"
Artist: Duvauchelle Claude
3rd Place "Drawing"
Artist: Chi-Han Cheng
4th Place "Drawing"
Artist: Zena Fairweather
5th Place "Drawing"
Artist: Irsan Gregoire