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Open For Entries "The Human Condition 2018 "
Cash awards and art marketing prizes

Call For Entries for "The Human Condition 2018 " 20 artist Group Exhibit at Gallery 25N

  • Submission Opens: May 21, 2018
  • Submission Deadline: July 16, 2018 (12:00 Midnight EST)
  • Curator Selection: on or before July 20, 2018
  • Artist Notification: on or before July 27, 2018

“A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.”
                                                                        --- Paul Cezanne is proud to announce the Art Call “The Human Condition 2018.”

There will be 7 Winners and 10 Honorable Mentions. This competition is open to all artists and photographers worldwide. The participant must be 18 years of age or older working in any still art medium, including: painting, drawing, collage, photography, digital art, and fiber art.

Total Awards in Cash and Art Marketing Prize Value: $8,125.00.


Theme and Selection:

“The Human Condition 2018” – The judges for this art call welcome artists and photographers whose works provide viewers with unique interpretations of the human condition. The visual narrative of the artist’s work should speak to the human condition:  from joy to despondence, kind fortune to adversity, liberating freedom of expression to agonies of suppression. These myriad strongholds of energies, which hopefully inspire your works, should speak to us as they represent your brightest or darkest experiments and enlightening realizations in your life and should be represented as such here in your fine artwork for us to absorb and potentially integrate into our own lives.  So, your submitted creations should express the subject as felt through the artist’s empathy or subjective eye of experience.  The message is meant for us, the viewer.

First Place: $500.00 in Cash and the artist is presented as a “Featured Artist” in the “” that is marketed to over 26,100 art buyers = Value $1,500.00. The winner's artwork will also be marketed in an email marketing campaign “Art Market NewsTM” and website with over 26,100 subscribers = Value $3,500.00. The artist and their work will be marketed through our social media-marketing network through LinkedIn, Tumblr, Tweeter, FaceBook, GooglePlus, Instagram, etc.
Total first place prize value = $5,500.00*

Second Place: $400.00 in Cash and the artist will be featured as a "Notable Artist" in the “” that is marketed to over 26,100 art buyers = Value $1,500.00.
Total second place prize value = $1,900.00*

Third Place: $300.00 in Cash*
Fourth Place: $200.00 in Cash*
Fifth Place: $100.00 in Cash*
Sixth Place: $75.00 in Cash*
Seventh Place: $50.00 in Cash*

*All winning artworks will be featured in “Winners Showcase” with links to their websites.
Up to 10 Honorable Mentions – The artists and their artwork will be displayed in the “Honorable Mentions” Section of

Entry Fees: $20.00 for the first image, $10.00 each additional image.

Submission Fee

Entry Fee: $20 for one entry and $10 for each additional image.
(No limit on the number of additional entries submitted.)

You will receive an email notification once your submission is complete.
We look forward to seeing your artwork!

All credit and debit cards are accepted through PayPal.

1st Place "Pet Paintings"
Artist: Jennifer Griffith
1st Place "Tape Art"
Artist: Johanna Bresnick
2nd Place "Pet Paintings"
Artist: Harold Shull
2nd Place "Tape Art"
Artist: Shirley Kleppe