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CLOSED "Animal Life 2018 " Cash awards and art marketing prizes

Call For Entries for "Animal Life 2018 " 20 artist Group Exhibit at Gallery 25N

  • Submission Deadline: November 5, 2018 (12:00 Midnight EST)
  • Jury Selection: on or before November 15, 2018
  • Artist Notification: on or before November 16, 2018 is proud to announce the Art Call “Animal Life 2018.” There will be 5 Winners and 10 Honorable Mentions. This competition is open to all artists and photographers worldwide. The participant can submit any still art medium, including: painting, drawing, collage, photography, digital art, and fiber art.

Total Awards in Cash and Art Marketing Prize Value: $8,000.00.

Theme and Selection:

“Animal” can be interpreted literally or conceptually for animals Wild, Domestic, On Land, In The Air or Under The Sea.  The image should intrigue and fascinate the viewer with the artist’s vision and interpretation of the animal’s beauty, elegance, strength, speed, delicateness, size, and or its environment. The work can reflect on creatures of the land, sea and air from the simplicity of a domesticated pet to a ferocious wild animal. The works depiction can range from the love one feels for a pet, the amazing diversity of life on the planet and the concern for preserving all creatures from extinction.

Eligibility & Mediums: This competition is open to all artists/photographers 18 years of age or older. Submissions for consideration can be expressed in any of the following aspects: representational, expressionism, surrealism, or abstraction.

Our mission is to provide artists/photographers with exposure and extensive marketing of their work and accomplishments to our international list of clientele.

Submission Fee

Entry Fee: $25 for up to three entries and $5 for each additional image.
(No limit on the number of additional entries submitted.)


You will receive an email notification once your submission is complete.
All credit and debit cards are accepted through PayPal.

We look forward to seeing your artwork!

1st Place, Painting
"Land & Seascapes"
Artist: William Stoneham
2nd Place, Photo
"Land & Seascapes"
Artist: Maciej Duczynski
3rd Place, Photo
"Land & Seascapes"
Artist: Jason Levi
4th Place, Etching
"Land & Seascapes"
Artist: Victoria Goro Rapoport
5th Place, Photo
"Land & Seascapes"

Artist: Stuart Chape
6th Place, Painting
"Land & Seascapes"

Artist: Misure Nien
7th Place, Drawing
"Land & Seascapes"

Artist: Erwin Lewandowski